Frequently Asked Questions

The evaluation is open to all active CSOs operating in Greece. Certain restrictions have been set, such as the submission of data for at least 2 financial years or more, which concerns the optimal functioning of the evaluation process and not the exclusion of any organisation.We are constantly mapping the ecosystem to identify all interested organisations, but you can also contact us or recommend other organisations.

The evaluation process will be repeated on a regular, annual basis.

No, participation in the evaluation is a choice of the organisation.

Firstly, you will receive an assessment based on international best practices. In addition, you are given the opportunity to improve your internal processes before submitting the final questionnaire. At the same time, by receiving the badge you can use it as a certification for fundraising and for promoting your organisation.

Experience from previous years has shown that the size of the organisation does not play a critical role in its score. Nevertheless, the Scientific Committee monitors the process and in the case where a relevant issue arises, distinct categories of organisations will be created not only in terms of the field of activity but also in terms of their size.

The process is designed to assign sub-scores in three main areas of the organisation’s operation: effectiveness, internal organisation and transparency. This reduces the chance of overall low scores and ensures that your participation in the process is positive. At the same time, the discussion with donors/funders focuses on the fact that participation in itself is positive, while weaknesses in certain areas are grounds for further support rather than exclusion.

If the Greek Organisation is the program’s Coordinator, it is considered as an International Activity. However, if the action takes place in the country of one of the partners and the CSO participates in the context of the project, then it is not.

Activities are considered international if there are direct beneficiaries abroad.

To record the activities, follow the instructions below per field and subfield in category C. Activity Fields: 

  • Select a field from the list of fields.
    For each field, list at least three (3) activities.
  • If you select a subfield, assign three (3) activities for each subfield.
  • For example, if you select field 04. Social Welfare/Inclusion, record at least three (3) actions related to this field.
  • Note that if you do not have three actions corresponding to a field or subfield then you cannot select that field/subfield.

The Financial data form does not automatically accept a dot (.) in the thousands and a comma (,) in the decimal places. Therefore, the correct entry method is €74,536.57

This malfunction is likely due to the Browser you are using. Try to use the most updated and “new” browsers, such as Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Bravo. If you still do not succeed, contact us.

The fee is determined according to the turnover of your organisation’s last financial year. See the corresponding amounts at the table.

HIGGS aims for the evaluation process to be repeated every year. The organisations that participated in each of the last years will appear on the website until the next evaluation. We are investigating whether a timeline can be created for the organisations that participated each year.

The evaluation process will be repeated every year which means that the platform will open to welcome all organisations that choose to participate to have their work evaluated. This means that each year, there will be organisations participating for the first time and organisations that have participated in previous years.
For organisations that have already participated, it will only be required to re-activate their account by depositing their fee for the new assessment.
Regarding the questionnaire, it will not be necessary to fill in all the data but only the data of the new year that will have been completed.

The final score of each organization will be the weighted sum of the scores in three (3) categories of criteria: Effectiveness, Internal Organisation, Transparency. You can find all the information in detail here

The badge you receive based on the results of the evaluation process is only valid in the year it was obtained. We recommend that you take part in the new evaluation process every year to always have the latest badge and better monitor your organisation’s progress – alternatively you can take part every 2-3 years so that you can present to third parties as up-to-date an image as possible of your organisation.

HIGGS has adopted a participation fee for the THALIS II service in order to cover part of its operating costs. Our intention is to keep the cost of participation stable but any increases in various service offering costs (such as platform upgrade, researcher costs for qualitative research) may lead to some increases.

You can find it from the main menu of HIGGS ➤Service ➤Programs ➤THALIS II or at the following link